Dr. Ron Ribitzky, MD

Serving as an expert advisor to AMTEC-KAZAN and the ICO Summit participants, Dr. Ribitzky is a Physician executive with 30 years of cross-functional experience in the converging Healthcare IT, Life-Sciences Informatics, and Precision Medicine. He has worked for and with global leading brands and world-class organizations in the private and public sectors, R&D, and academia in the U.S. and 23 developed and emerging economy countries.

Having broad and deep hands-on, managerial, and scientific technology expertise, Dr. Ribitzky specialized in bringing together clinical – business - technology – science – operations - creative UX - ecosystem partners throughout the program and product lifecycle. Prior to co-founding SPH Analytics, Dr. Ribitzky was Senior Healthcare Strategist at Intel, CIO at UMass Medical Center, VP Emerging Technologies at Eclipsys, among other.

Presently, Dr. Ribitzky is a member of the globally-prominent HIMSS Blockchain Work Group, and serves as a Strategic Advisor to ARNA Genomics – a Post-ICO, global Precision Medicine and Blockchain technology start-up based in Moscow, Russia; and BitMed – a US-based global healthcare provider and analytics Blockchain start up. He collaborated with Intel on Blockchain in Healthcare Cybersecurity and Privacy webinar; with IDC on the Healthcare track at the ‘Blockchain for Business & IT Leaders’ conference’; and with Frost & Sullivan on its ‘Blockchain Technology in Global Healthcare, 2017–2025 report’ which adopted his Blockchain Innovation Adoption Roadmap.

A sought-after thought leader and author of numerous publications, Dr. Ribitzky presented and led workshops on technology innovation and practice in industry events, public sector, and academia around the world. He recently served as an Expert Reviewer and Mentor, Precision Medicine and Genomics for HIMSS18. Dr. Ribitzky held academic appointments at Harvard Medical School, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Emory School of Public Health, Kigali Institute of Science & Technology, and Kigali Health Institute (Rwanda). His clinical experience includes Flight Surgeon (Major, Ret.), Primary Care Physician, and Senior Resident in Pediatrics.


ICO Workshop

April 11, 2018 at 11.15


●   The Roadmap to Return on Adoption

●   Key learnings from ICOs around the world

●   ICO program metrics

●   ICO roadmap and resources

●   Putting it all together for investors


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