Monday, April 9

                By Invitation Only Opening Ceremony [Korston Hotel, Tchaikovsky Hall]
17:00           Networking
17:30           Welcome Note (Leonid Galinsky, CEO of AMTEC KAZAN and Dr. Ron Ribitzky, M.D., R&D Ribitzky)
17:45           Paris Tales by Adrien Henni - East-West Digital News

18:15      Networking     I     Optional Private Meetings with Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Advisors


Tuesday, April 10

8:00           Meet us at Korston Hotel Lobby
  8:30           Shuttle Bus Drive from Korston Hotel to Innopolis
  9:00           Onsite Registration
  9:30           Press Interviews
10:00           Welcome Note [AMTEC-KAZAN and Government of the Republic of Tatarstan]
10:15           Keynote: The ICO Spring of Central & Eastern Europe [Adrien HenniEWDN]The ICO Spring of Central & Eastern Europe     Adrien Henni,
Co-founder and Chief Editor,
International Digital News /
East West Digital News
 A recent research by East-West Digital News and ICObench concluded that while accounting for less than 1% of the global venture market, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) generates about 20% of ICOs and pre-ICOs in the world; and that Russia, by far the regional leader, accounted for more than 130 ICOs in 2017. Setting the stage for, and business tone of the Summit, Adrien Henni, Co-founder and Chief Editor of International Digital News and lead author of this research will take the audience through key findings, observations, and recommendations. Key Learnings:• Why and how Russia is asserting itself as a formidable player in the global ICO market• Where do investors in Russian ICOs come from• How do Russian startups spend the money raised through ICOs  

                ICO Investors Forum

10:45           Searching for the Right Funding Strategy - Skolkovo Experience [Vasily Kutsakov, Skolkovo Foundation]Searching for the Right Funding Strategy - Skolkovo Experience     Vasily Kutsakov, CFAHead of Expertise,
Skolkovo Foundation
 Startup and early stage companies usually have some challenging decisions to make about funding. Vasiliy will walk us through certain best practices that organizations like the Skolkovo Foundation apply when searching for or evaluating incoming project proposals. He will compare and contrast the resource and service-rich foundation vs Venture Capital / Private Equity, ICO, and Crowdfunding strategies, and share his experience leveraging non-repayable grants and microgrants, tax exemptions, acceleration and mentorship, IP protection, R&D and office facilities among other to make projects successful.Key Learnings:
• What financial and complementary strategic and operational value startups can receive from foundations like Skolkovo?
• The power of microgrants and seed funding to set startups on a path to success
• Everything considered, is ICO the best strategic fit for your project?

11:15           Investor’s Perspectives on Company/Project Governance and “Tokenomics” [Vitaly Belik, Soft-Meta]Investor’s Perspectives on Company/Project Governance and “Tokenomics” (Financial Projections, Token/Coin Valuation)
     Vitaly BelikActing CEO, Soft-Meta
 A ‘shiny new object’ rolling up the innovation-adoption ramp, blockchain already draws investor attention and financial resources across markets around the world. Vitaly will offer his perspectives as an individual venture capitalist as well as a corporate venture executive on the economic and financial fundamentals of the various blockchain projects and cryptocurrency assets. He will take us into the uncharted financial modeling of this nascent technology driven by immense innovation and hedging on monumental ecosystem uptake yet short of real world experience of scale and scope.Key Learnings:
• What investors are looking for in ICO pitch
• How investors evaluate projects/crypto-assets
• Challenges and struggles to construct and/or evaluate financial and economic prospects for blockchain projects and ICOs

11:45      Exhibit and Media     I     Coffee Break
12:00      MASTER CLASS: How to Establish and Sustain a High Performing Advisory Board [Dr. Alex Kosik]How to Establish and Sustain a High Performing Advisory Board     Dr. Alex Kosik, MD PhDSerial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Angel Having the right players on your ICO Advisory Board is a total ‘must-have’. This is one of the most important, yet least understood hence poorly executed part of ICO/crypto Ecosystem. Most entrepreneurs look for one of these four: access to capital, networking, personal growth and hands-on support yet end up with disengaged and over-subscribed celebrities, friends with irrelevant experience, or outright shysters on board. Those who found their perfect advisors treasure every second of their time and every bit of advice and succeed. Dr. Kosik will provide a master class designed to provide direct answers and clear a lot of apprehension and misconceptions on this key aspect of any ICO.Key Learnings:
• What is an ICO Advisory Board – and what makes an advisor qualified for the role?
• What to expect from an advisor – and what to watch out for?
• What would make the experience with your advisors mutually rewarding throughout your ICO venture?

                Investors Showcase
12:45           Investor's Dilemma. Disrupted by CryptoBazar
13:00           Funding Global Blockchain Projects by Skolkovo Ventures

                Entrepreneurs Showcase

13:15      Exhibit & Media     I     Lunch

                ICO Threats & Opportunities
14:15           Managing the ICO Opportunities and Threats [Zachary Reece, BlockTrade Investments]Managing the ICO Opportunities and Threats     Zachary Reece,Managing Partner, BlockTrade Investments Notwithstanding the positive potential of ICOs, scams are causing disruptive legislation. Zach will share his assessment of the macro and micro economic impact of ICOs around the world; and offer strategies to establish responsible community that can combat ‘bad-actor’ behavior.Key Learnings:
• Global trends impacting legislative and regulatory sentiment towards ICOs
• Identifying and combating ICO scams
• Leading ICOs that contribute to establishing responsible global cryptocurrency community

14:45           Crypto-attack Vectors Posing Cybersecurity Threats to ICOs: A Call-to-Action [Yusufov Ruslan, Group-IB]Crypto-attack Vectors Posing Cybersecurity Threats to ICOs: A Call-to-Action     Yusufov Ruslan,
Director of special projects,
 A computer forensics and information security expert now leading the ICO and Blockchain Protection unit of Group-IB, a Multinational Corporation specializing in high-tech crimes and online fraud prevention, Mr. Ruslan will take us on a five-track tour of Cybersecurity every investor, entrepreneur, and ecosystem partner ought to take when contemplating an ICO. He will describe the leading five vectors of cyber-attacks threatening ICOs today, emerging trends in fraudulent activities and cybercrime, and what ICO leaders can and should do about it.Key Learnings:• What are the five leading vectors of Cybersecurity attacks threatening ICOs• What are the emerging trends in fraudulent activities and cybercrime• What ICO investors, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem partners should do about it 

15:15           Key Learnings of a Global ICO Service Provider in Japan [Hideki Ehara, AI Innovation]Key Learnings of a Global ICO Service Provider in Japan
     Hideki Ehara,CEO AI Innovation
 Mr. Ehara will describe his experience thinking through, planning for, and successfully executing his company’s ICO – and listing it on multiple exchanges; and share key learnings of what works and what doesn’t from his leading five other ICOs of companies based in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Having subsidiaries in Singapore and Myanmar, Mr. Ehara will explain the company’s expansion plans to other regional markets and how it will be able to serve the global investor community.Key Learnings:
• Global ICO production from a service provider perspective
• Early adopter insights to what works and what doesn’t
• Recommendations for ICOs in the pipeline

15:45           CEOs on ICOs: A Reality Check [Dr. Alex Kosik - Moderator; Egor Melnikov - ARNA Genomics,CEOs on ICOs: A Reality Check
Dr. Alex Kosik MD (Moderator)Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, AngelEgor MelnikovFounder / CEO,
ARNA Genomics
Vitaly BelikActing CEO, Soft-MetaHideki Ehara,CEO AI Innovations
CEOs who led ICOs in different markets will share, and answer questions from the audience about lessons learned: why they chose to do an ICO, what worked, what did not work, and what they would have done differently.Key Learnings:
• Insights to optimizing ICO decisions
• KPIs for ICOs in-progress
• Post ICO strategies

                     Vitaly Belik - Soft-Meta, Hideki Ehara, AI Innovation]

                Entrepreneurs Showcase

16:30      Exhibit and Media     I     Coffee Break
16:45           Smart Contracts App Store by SMARTZ  
17:00           Trust Foods and Medications by Ambrosus  
                     Cash-back Marketplace by IAC

17:15      Digital Assets Management on Blockchain
17:30           Changing the Music Industry Pay with Blockchain by Soundeon
17:45           Disrupting the Publisher - Author Power Play with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency [Prof. Dmitry Kulish, Skoltech]Disrupting the Publisher - Author Power Play with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
     Prof. Dmitry Kulish, PhD MBAFounder, managing director, Drugdevelopment.ru, Skoltech
 Prof. Kulish will share his perspectives on the disruptive effect Blockchain and Cryptocurrency brings to the publishing industry, worldwide. Combining hands-on, real-world global business experience and academic rigor, Prof. Kulish will describe the big publishing houses “this is how we always did it” business and operational model that overpowered them for decades, and opportunities for authors to regain control over marketing, sales channels, and fare share in the success of their
work of art.
Key Learnings:
• How barriers big publishing houses impose on authors work
• How authors are gaining control over their work of art and away from big publishing monopiles with Blockchain
• Direct-to-Reader business and operational models made possible by Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

18:15           Cross-industry perspectives on Digital Asset Distribution and economics with Blockchain [Dr. Alex Kosik - Moderator;Cross-industry perspectives on Digital Asset Distribution and economics with BlockchainDr. Alex Kosik MD (Moderator)Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, AngelRuslan Guseynov,Co-founder, Strategy Development SoundeonProf. Dmitry Kulish, PhD MBAFounder, managing director, Drugdevelopment.ru, Skoltech

 This cross-industry panel of early-adopter entrepreneurs, investors, and practitioners will examine the impact that Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and ICOs have on a range of IP, Digital Asset, and Digital Rights Management.Key Learnings:
• How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency disrupt business and operational models in the Digital Asset Management space
• Opportunities to leverage early adopters experience with Blockchain for Digital Asset Management across industries and market segments
• How to turn vision to strategy and action in the Digital Asset Management with Blockchain

                     Ruslan Guseynov - Soundeon, Dr. Ron Ribitzky - R&D Ribitzky, Prof. Dmitry Kulish, Skoltech]

19:00      Shuttle Bus Drive from Innopolis to Korston Hotel

20:00      By Invitation Only Dinner

Wednesday, April 11


  8:00      Meet us at Korston Hotel Lobby

  8:30      Shuttle Bus Drive from Korston Hotel to Innopolis

  9:30      Press Interviews

10:00      Day One review and Today's plan


Conference Hall


                Blockchain in Healthcare 
10:15           Healthcare. Disrupted [Dr. Ron Ribitzky, R&D Ribitzky]Healthcare. Disrupted 
     Dr. Ron Ribitzky, MD,Founder & CEO, R&D Ribitzky
 Dr. Ribitzky will kick-off the healthcare, life sciences, and Precision Medicine track of the ICO Summit. He will take the audience on a tour of global uncertainty where trends are replaced by disruptors, horizontal players are changing the vertical game, and innovation flourishes as a result. He will tie all this to Blockchain and ICOs that go beyond traditional domain boundaries and geo-political borders.Key Learnings:
• Making strategic innovative decisions on the presumption of unpredictability
• Emerging blockchain patterns in healthcare, life sciences, and Precision Medicine around the world
• What problems blockchainers should also solve in this space

10:45           Consumer Healthcare and Medical Data Ecosystem

                     by AIMedis
11:00           Cancer Diagnosis Precision Medicine w/Blockchain

                     by ARNA Genomics
11:15           Pragmatic Considerations of Blockchain TechnologyPragmatic Considerations of Blockchain Technology and Crypto Tokens in Healthcare Dr. Ron Ribitzky, MD,Founder & CEO, R&D RibitzkyYuriy VasilchikovCo-founder & CEOMixBytes.io and Smartz.ioVadim Buyanov,Head of ICO projects at Waves platform
and CMO at
Smartz.io platform
 Panel Description: An exciting yet increasingly noisy and crowded space, questions continue to arise around what can we do with blockchain and Crypto Tokens in healthcare -- TODAY? Which blind spots should we avoid? And what’s the path forward? In this conversational, collaborative discovery style session, Dr. Ribitzky will get us started on a journey up (or down…) blockchain’s path into healthcare as we know it – and beyond; while Youri and Vadim will come in from Technology Road. Together, they will explore ways to accelerate Time To Market, optimize product development cost, and drive return on adoption. Key Learnings:• What problems healthcare ‘Blockchainers’ also have to solve (in addition to new model of trust, accountability, traceability, and integrity)?• What a solution architecture of blockchain-enabled solutions looks like (today…)?• What investors, entrepreneurs, and economic buyers should know about compressing cycle time and economics of blockchain projects in healthcare and elsewhere? 

                     and Crypto Tokens in Healthcare [Dr. Ron Ribitzky -

                     R&D Ribitzky, Yuriy Vasilchikov and Vadim Buyanov -

12:00           The Synergy between Blockchain and AI in VariousThe Synergy between Blockchain and AI in Various Healthcare Delivery Settings
     Dr. Dmitry Tsypin, MD MPH
 Dr. Tsypin will offer his global perspectives as a clinician, technology innovator, and investor on the synergy between Blockchain and AI in various healthcare delivery settings; and will discuss opportunities to leverage this synergy for bridging gaps between contemporary and emerging provider and payer business and operational models.Key Learnings:
• Emerging healthcare business and operational models made possible by AI
• The synergy between AI and Blockchain in healthcare services
• Call to action

                     Healthcare Delivery Settings [Dr. Dmitry Tsypin]

12:35      Break
                     Ask Me Anything Expert Panel on Venture Funding,

                     ICO, Blockchain Technology, Healthcare and more

                     [Dr. Alex Kosik - Moderator; Dr. Ron Ribitzky -

                     R&D Ribitzky, Prof. Dmitry Kulish - SkolTech,
                     Adrien Henni - EWDN]

                Entrepreneurs Showcase
13:30           Global ICO Production by AI Innovation

13:45      Exhibit & Media     I     Lunch

                ICO Competition
14:30           Ready, Set, Go!

16:15      Coffee Break and Media
16:30           Competition winner announced

16:45      Closing Remarks

17:00      Shuttle Bus Drive from Innopolis to Korston Hotel

18:00      Optional Meetings in Korston Hotel







Workshop Room


                ICO Workshop 
10:15           Is ICO Right For You? [Yuriy Vasilchikov, MixBytes.ioIS ICO RIGHT FOR YOU? Yuriy VasilchikovCo-founder & CEOMixBytes.io and Smartz.io        ●   ICO opportunity evaluation tool       ●   Cryptocurrency type decisions       ●   Token capitalization principles       ●   Token lifecycle       ●   Technology & Smart Contracts considerations       ●   Managing the ICO from idea to completion

                       and Smartz.io]
11:15           Legal and Regulatory Considerations for ICOsLEGAL AND REGULATORY CONSIDERATIONS OF ICOs Antonina LevashenkoHead of Russia-OECD Center  Ivan ErmokhinExpert, Russia-OECD Center  Alexandra KovalExpert, Russia-OECD Center         ●   Legal and regulatory review of the crypto-economy around the world       ●   The evolving Russia’s crypto-economy       ●   Legal and regulatory guide for ICO entrepreneurs

                       [Antonina Levashenko, Ivan Ermokhin, Alexandra Koval -

                       Russia-OECD Center]

12:15      Break
12:30           ICO Investor Pitch [Dr. Ron Ribitzky - R&D Ribitzky,ICO INVESTOR PITCH Dr. Ron Ribitzky, MD,Founder & CEO, R&D Ribitzky  Vadim Buyanov,Head of ICO projects at Waves platform
and CMO at
Smartz.io platform
        ●   The Roadmap to Return on Adoption       ●   Key learnings from ICOs around the world       ●   ICO program metrics       ●   ICO roadmap and resources       ●   Putting it all together for investors

Vadim Buyanov - SMARTZ.io]

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Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan
420064, Russia

+7 (843) 237-84-69